This being my first post, I want to take this opportunity to explicate the purpose and aims of my blogging. Basically I wanted to have a platform to share and educate, and also to provide a forum that we can collaborate on an array of health and fitness related topics.

As I read from medical journals to pop cultured fitness magazines, to Instagram’s health gurus and Paleo’s Pete’s cure to life’s problems ;) I find as I’m sure you do, complete conditions in information, and opinions as questionable as their motives. I want to allow access to information, assist in disseminating it and contribute to you having a sound and broad understanding on health, and how it can be incorporated in your everyday life. I will be posting research from Sports Medicine Australia and Exercise and Sports Science Australia, video demonstrations and tutorials on exercises, healthy recipes, advice and motivation.

This website for me is the next stage in the evolution of personal training and health coaching. Everyone reading this blog is a personal client of mine and also a valued friend. I want to extend passed the boundaries of what conventional trainers are willing to do and provide a service that is of tangible value.

This is YOUR blog, I want your emails, questions, feedback and contribution. You are all on your own journey but it is here, where we intersect, that counts.

Let’s GO

Posts are coming soon
Stay tuned...